June 2018

WRC Coach Pitch League Ends!

I enjoy Coach Pitch Baseball & Softball - the future stars of Wellington and the general area!! "I knew them when...." :) Fun stuff - more pics (and the last pics for the 2018 season) at link below! Thanks for your support! We (RED RAVE POSTERS) will have a table setup Thursday at Worden (as you enter or exit) with 100's of photos to peruse! And they're only a buck! (4x6's) Hope to see ya!! 

WHS Clay Target Team Spring 2018

Meet your Spring 2018 WHS Clay Target Team! The Crusaders are Class 1A - Conference 4 members along with Cedar Vale - Dexter, Maize South, Bluestem, Clay Center, Lyons, Meade, and Fairfield.

Back L to R:

Brandon Oleson, Jacob Friesen, Jack Nuss, Coach Jeff Dry, Keven Walker, Jace Lawrence, Cody Metz, Colin Bennett

Front L to R:

Dakota Dry, Kayleigh Smalley, Andi Dry, Taima Graves, Jack Heimer

Not Pictured: Moriah Lyne, Alexis Tracy, Asst. Coach Kaitlin Buck

Boys Basketball Camps Conclude!

New Head Boys Basketball Coach Joe Newman and his staff have been putting area boys through their basketball rigors during this week's 3 day summer basketball camp, which concluded on Wednesday.

All totaled, approx. 50-55 young student-athletes ranging from 4th grade through 12th, met daily to refresh and hone their basic basketball skills, at this half way point between last season's end and next season's beginning. Good group!