2022 WHS.CC College Laptop (Asst Prog Info)

2022 WHS.CC College Laptop (Asst Prog Info)

Sun, 12/26/2021 - 06:09
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2022 Graduate Laptop Assistance is being fulfilled by Zach Parent and John Sturgis in partnership with the Wellington Community Foundation and WHS staff.  Through the normal yearly contributions and memorial donations, Steve's Laptop Fund has enough money in the account to accommodate every applicant who turned in their paperwork by the February 24 deadline.  Those students have been contacted via their email (email from Katie Ford) and have until September 6, 2022, to submit a Fall 2022 course schedule to fulfill the requirement to receive a laptop assistance check for $200.


PLEASE NOTE:  A new 2022 Application Form is located in WHS Guidance Office. You'll have approx. 7-8 weeks to get the form, you fill out your part and a parent and or guardian's signature as well, then turn back in to the WHS Guidance Office by the deadline. I strongly suggest you take CELL PHONE PIC of completed form for future reference. Also NOTE: the deadline is clear, failure to turn it in ON TIME, will be too late - NO EXCEPTIONS! (DEADLINE IS FEB. 24, 2022 3:30PM)

For the 4th consecutive year, the laptop program is no longer part of the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM administered by the WHS Guidance Office. Prior to to the 2019 school year, if you filled out that application, you were also eligible for a laptop through the Crusader Website. For this year, and the past 3 years, it has not been a part of the other program.

Again, this year, a separate application will be utilized, that application will be available in the WHS Guidance Office. Like the last 3 years, "PROOF OF ENROLLMENT" will be required before a check for laptop assistance will be issued, that proof of enrollment deadline will run well into this coming summer. Those 2022 WHS Graduates, planning on attending college or vocational training, are eligible to apply. The checks can be applied towards what each eligible graduate requires. WHS Seniors are reminded of the deadline "numerous" times. As already mentioned, the deadline will be FIRM - NO EXCEPTIONS!

WHS.CC LAPTOP/SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS, anytime throughout the year, can be mailed to:

Steve Sturgis
1101 N. Washington Ave.
Wellington, KS 67152-0556

Please make CHECKS payable to "Wellington Community Foundation". 
On memo line write WHS.CC Laptop Assistance.

Thank you sincerely to the many folks that contribute towards this cause! The students that participate (and their parents) appreciate it. Sending kids off to college or vocational programs can be very expensive. Providing the laptop assistance and choice, helps a little with the overall expense and it's a pleasure for all of us to be able to do that. We are expecting to issue $200 checks again, to eligible seniors. GO BIG RED!

$5,611.61 (Class of 2022 $$)

(balance above is where we are at, at this time - we anticipate, as the past as our guide, more $$ will be needed)



NO DEADLINE to take part in this - names will be added as money to join the club is also received. The following info about and present Club 2022 members follows:

Shawn Worley $5, Jennifer Worley $5, Hunter Worley $5, Kira Worley $5, Gannon Worley $5, Renae Barker $5, Kenny Barker $5, Zachary Barker $5, Jason Barker $5, Todd Barker $5, Tammy Bradbury $5, Caleb Bradbury $5, Mikala Bradbury $5, Nathan Bradbury $5, Sarah Bradbury $5, Preston Carroll $5, Mitzi Carroll $5, Heath Carroll $5, Michael Carroll $5, Ethan Carroll $5, Patricia Norris $5, Mark Norris $5, Brooklyn Cunningham $5, Larry Norris $5, Lori Johnston $5, Jimmy Norris $5, Timmy Norris $5, Tommy Norris $5, Lisa Gonzales $5, Vince Wetta $5, Marilyn Wetta $5, Christie Crews $5, Jacquelynn Crews $5, Joyce Robinson $5, Kathy Ledesma $5, Jay Robinson $5, Taryn Bulger $5, Devin Robinson $5, Mike Geubelle $5, Melissa Guebelle $5

"IT IS TIME to consider getting on board for the 2022 PO FAM LOTTO CLUB! All monies go towards "Laptop Assistance" this coming summer for the 2022 WHS Graduates intending to pursue academic or vocational training "post-high school". That FORM APPLICATION is presently being constructed and will require Class of 2022 Seniors that are eligible, to fill out and return to Guidance Office by the date indicated when that FORM is released, which will be soon!


Donate $5 (per person) to the Wellington Community Foundation (write WHS.CC on memo line of check) and mail to Steve Sturgis, 1101 N. Washington Ave., Wellington, KS 67152 and you will be eligible for the following:

Beginning Jan. 1, 2022 (if your donation is in or you're a 2021 Club Member), you are eligible for "2" benefits during the 2022 calendar year...(2021 Members remain eligible thru Jan. 31, 2022)


First, if you click LIKE on the PO FAM LOTTO posts on Facebook during 2022 and I win the JACKPOT, you'll have an additional $10K added to your prize money just for clicking LIKE!


Second, if you forget to click LIKE on any 2022 Powerball drawing but you're a 2022 PO FAM LOTTO MEMBER, you will still win $10K should we win that particular jackpot!! (thru Jan. 30, 2023).

You become eligible as a 2022 member for the first 2022 POWERBALL DRAWING on January 1, 2022, (if your donation has arrived) and every POWERBALL DRAWING throughout the 2022 calendar year and the month of JAN. 2023. You become active and eligible when your donation arrives. You can enter anytime.

Mail $5 for each person who wants to be a 2022 PO FAM LOTTO CLUB member and receive above noted benefits. For each $5 you mail (address is above to mail to), include a name - if you donate $50, include "10" names, etc. Again, if paying by check, make out to WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. (Write WHS.CC on memo line) (All members names will be posted, when received) so you'll know your $$ have been received and your eligibility is active for 2022. (Cash is accepted as well).

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If you submit more than $5, please remember to include "a name" for each $5 segment!


These donations and others have assisted with the WHS Class of 2022 total above!


Impact Bank of Wellington

Bank of Commerce

Ross Norris / Edward Jones

Jesse Giefer / Farm Bureau Ins.

Gold Corner / Since Day 1

$200.00 Donation by Judy Goodrum in memory of husband Bob, Class of 1959
$100.00 Donation by Joyce Robinson WHS Class of 77 - a frequent flier - much appreciated!!
$100.00 Donation by John Cochran Class of 73 - an annual event for John - much appreciated!!

$100 Donation by Mike and Melissa Guebelle, in memory of Carley Moberg - thank you!!

Kacie Edwards (SUBARU) a benefactor of the website - she didn't forget!!

FACEBOOK Birthday Fundraiser (July 2021) (Over $2000)

Individual Donations (Including PO FAM LOTTO MEMBERS 2022)

THE ABOVE ARE EXAMPLES - Great people in our midst!!

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