"Special Adventure" for TEAM JAREK!

"Special Adventure" for TEAM JAREK!

Thu, 10/22/2020 - 14:21
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Football alums always talk about all the great things that surround being a Crusader football player...and it's not always about football either. It's about community, it's about caring, it's about making two young boy's in this case, a morning they'll never forget.

Jace Conrad and his younger brother Jarek, sons of Jake and Megan Conrad, were guests of the Crusader coaches and players Thursday morning at their last practice before Friday evening's action with Mulvane HERE. It was a very special time indeed.

For those that may not know, Jarek (#27) has been battling cancer and is presently in remission. He goes back in January for his first check-up. Prayers from the community always a welcome thing. The doctors don't want Jarek back in the classroom just yet and older brother Jace opted to stay home with Jarek and look after him until both can return when circumstances permit. Both Jarek and Jace are presently being tutored at home by their great grandmother, Marie Caudillo-Brand and by Judy Leitch. It was the "tutors" idea to take them to a football practice and Coach Aguilar wholeheartedly agreed with the plan. Jarek and Jace didn't know where they were going this morning when they loaded up in the car. Mrs. Leitch told them they were going on, "A SPECIAL ADVENTURE" and that's exactly what it turned out to be. I've heard from them since and that's all the boys have been talking about. 

The boys played a big part in the practice, from communicating with Coach Aguilar and others via a headset, to shagging balls, to leading the team in their breakdown routines, and monitoring both their offensive and defensive drills as they prepare for action Friday evening vs Mulvane. 

When the work ended, it was time to honor their guests and the team did so, presenting Jarek with an autographed Crusader Helmet and a #27 Crusader Football Jersey. Kudos to the IRONDUKES, Coach Aguilar, and the boys' tutors for making this possible.

So proud to be around such a caring community...so proud to be around Jarek, Jace and their new pals, the 2020 IRONDUKES! I too, won't forget this day. I love SPECIAL ADVENTURES and with so many tears of sadness in the world, there tweren't nothing but tears of joy and pride this morning. Nothing but smiles and hearts full of hope.There are two teams I will be cheering for now, and in this order....TEAM JAREK and OUR BELOVED CRUSADERS, who helped two young boys (and future Crusaders), feel secure and loved in the present, and hopeful and excited about the future. GO JAREK GO JACE GO CONRADS! Your community loves you greatly.


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