WHS.CC Laptop Give-A-Way Slated For JUNE 20TH!

WHS.CC Laptop Give-A-Way Slated For JUNE 20TH!

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 03:04
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A heads-up to the eligible seniors – the WHS.CC 2019 Laptop Give-A-Way will be this coming Thursday (June 20th) @ WHS (Commons Area) from 10AM – 2PM. Please bring your proof of enrollment (Fall 2019 schedule with institutions or vocational program's name, your name, your schedule, etc.) and we’ll have a new DELL CHROMEBOOK LAPTOP for you!

The laptops are being picked up Thursday morning and will be ready to distribute by 10AM. (June 20th) All "80" that applied for local scholarships thru the guidance office (which is the database we get our list of recipients from and fyi, next year there will be a separate application for the laptop program) anyway, those "80" applicants were mailed out letters in February, (none returned as undeliverable), letting them know about the “proof of enrollment” requirement, we heard back from over 70, and 66 of them indicated they would be providing that necessary enrollment info. 5-6 indicated they would not be getting a laptop and the remaining 7-8, we never heard back from.

Here are the 66 (actually 64 now, two students have cancelled): (Those with an * following their name, I have your proof of enrollment) (The rest of you, please bring on Thursday, we will be keeping the documentation on file)

Matteo Arebalo, Chi Barton, Kayla Billington, Darian Blackburn, Keylee Bodkins, McQuay Bongato, Kierstin Brown, Jacelyn Buck, Ellie Buresh, Tyler Chalmers, Chailyn Dickinson*, Devin Dickinson, Tanner Dillon, Dakota Dry*, Chloe Easterly, Bailey Etter, Jacob Ewing, Piper Fisher*, Grey Hatfield, Timberly Hearlson, Reese Heasty, Drake Hendrix, Abby Hibbs, Brayden Higginbotham, Gabe Hyer, Juliette Hyer, Jason Jeffery, Zellissa Johnson, Eric Kop, Michael Ledbetter, Dakota Lynnes, Neily Maarouf, Cielo Martinez*, Brooke McCorkle, Cody Metz, Isabella Metzen*, Taylor Meyer*, Kaylene Neal, Adrienne Norris*, Jack Nuss*, Delaney Parkey, Kileigh Peninger*, KayCee Pennington, Arielle Pottier, Sierra Rademacher, Emma Rains, Ezekiel Rebold, Caleb Reichenberger, Nic Reyes, Camryn Ricke, Matt Rinehart, Tim Schmidt, Trevor Stonehocker, Braden Struble*, Alexis Tracy, Skylar Troutman, Peyton Tuttle, DeAndre Washington, Ally Westmoreland, Tatum Witham, Jadyn Wolf, Angela Wyckoff, Megan Wylie, Joe Ybarra.

NOTE: There were a couple enrollment submissions that weren't complete...one was for last Spring Courses and the other was a list of classes to take, not proof of being enrolled in any of them. Make sure your "proof" is complete for Fall 2019. Thanks! (It wasn't required to send ahead of time so those that haven't, just bring on Thursday! :)

Some of the 14-15 that opted out were not attending post-secondary programs in the Fall afterall, have moved, or have made other arrangements for their laptop needs, etc. There were 7-8 we never heard from. If any of those we haven't heard from, are planning on attending a post-secondary program and can provide proof of enrollment, we won't have a laptop for you on Thursday but come by and present your enrollment documentation and we'll figure out a solution! 

If you can't make the distribution on Thursday, June 20th, no problem. Let me know and we'll figure out a plan for that as well. Thanks!

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