Class Night Laptop Give-A-Way 2018

Class Night Laptop Give-A-Way 2018

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 06:49
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What a fun evening at WHS on Wednesday - it was Class Night, an event full of awards and recognition, and more - including the distribution of laptops to those in the graduating class that filled out the local scholarship application via the Guidance Office, making themselves eligible for that possibility.

In the event, enough $$ are raised, which has happened only twice, this year and last, all who filled out the application received the laptop, compliments, literally, of 100's of Crusaders across the country, many local businesses and individuals and others. A group effort for some very special folks, our graduates at WHS.

Appreciate the WHS Yearbook Staff taking pictures of this and sharing them with the Crusader Website. THANK YOU! 

A bit of history for you. The Crusader website began operation 19 years ago and first distributed scholarship $$ to the Class of 2000. The original goal was to raise $500 annually for scholarships, what actually happened over the past 19 years blew that goal out of the water.

As of today, May 16, 2018, due to the unbelievable charitable nature of Crusaders and others, still living here and those that live many other places, the WHS.CC Scholarship Fund has distributed (scholarships and computer hardware combined), $199, 649.32! (for more details click here)

This year, the goal was $21,500.00, the goal quite frankly, was initially thought to be probably unattainable. Those thoughts went away quickly though,  when the response by all of you was so significant! Families donated together, workers donated together, WHS classes donated, even the town of Mayfield donated!! It was truly a GROUP EFFORT which demonstrates the power of many when they work together. Awesome stuff - I love this community.

We, as of today, have surpassed the 2018 goal of $21,500.00 by quite a margin ($27,543.74)...leaving us with a surplus of about 25 laptops ($$-wise) for the Class of 2019! 

As I write, the fund is just $350.68 short of $200K total! That spells one thing and one thing only - HUGE HEARTS from an awesome community!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Want to thank the 8th graders that helped with the laptops Wednesday evening, the Class of 2022! They have no real idea yet, but they're about to experience 4 great years and four fast years as every senior will tell you. That fastness doesn't cease after high school, only increases...wishing the best for the Class of 2018 - hit the ground running, and commit yourself to a fulfilling and happy life. You will be missed.


Courtesy of WHS Yearbook Staff

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