2018 WHS.CC Laptop Program

2018 WHS.CC Laptop Program

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 03:50
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Overall Goal - $21,500.00 

Collected as of 01.19.18 - $7,252.59

% of Goal Obtained - 33.73%

Chromebook Laptops

(as of 01.19.18)


(7.8 laptops)

1955 - Fred McLean $20

1959 -  Karen Rector $125, Marvel (Allan) McLean $20, Jack Potucek $50

1965 - Anonymous $125

1966 - Cindy (Deschaine) Adams - $50

1971 - Daryl Heasty $100

1972 - Anonymous $125, Sue Denny $25

1973 - John "Duke" Cochran - $50, Jeff McGovern $84

1975 - Class Treasurer - $100

1977 - Joyce Robinson $50

1983 - Garrison Hullinger $300

1996 - Class Treasurer $217.59

2002 - Jarin McGovern $83

2005 - Katie Ford $325

2006 - Julie McGovern $83

(.4 laptop)

(Judy Goodrum) In Memory of Bob Goodrum (1959) $100

(8.4 laptops)

To Date: - $2,100

Impact Bank ($600), KOA ($300), Security State Bank ($300), Bank of Commerce ($300), Home Town Sales/Lease ($300), El Chile Verde ($300)

(10.4 laptops)

Contribution - $2600 (Anonymous)

(1.2 laptops)

Contribution - $250 - (Leslie Walker, Tally Van Zant, Cathy Bacon, Michele Baker, Stacy Lyles)
Contribution -   $50 - (Debbie Phipps)

(0.8 laptop)

To Date: $220

Kelly Barkley ($5), Ann Barkley ($5), Nelly Kirkwood ($5), Joyce Robinson ($5), Sarah House ($5), David House ($5), Judi Fink ($25), Rick Clift ($10), Lisa Gonzales ($5), Marsha Fraas ($10), Vickie Lawless ($25), Larry Mangan ($10), Leanne Mangan ($10), Rose Miller ($20), Vickie Ricke ($10), Harry Ricke ($10), Peggy Sandell ($10), Jim Sandell ($10), Vicky Phipps ($10), Rylan Zimmerman ($5), Jennifer Milner ($5), Lisa Riggs ($5), Karen Herrington ($5), Lesia Witmer ($5)

WEIGHT-LOSS FUNDRAISER (1.20.18 thru 3.10.18):
(0.0 laptop)


(0.0 laptop)



Read on for more details!

ATTENTION ALUMS and ALL!  There are 84 eligible seniors for laptops this school year (up from originally reported 83) which is very exciting - we have our work cut out for us for sure! We gave away a record 57 last Spring, the first time in 13 years all that were eligible received one. (See below for eligibility requirements) The hope was to continue that new tradition of "all" - it's going to be tough though. At any rate, anyone that would like to be a part of a program where "EVERY" penny that comes in goes back to the upcoming WHS Graduating Class, this is your program! We are off to a marvelous start, the generosity has been awesome and we are on our way to 84! You can help too, if everyone pitches in a little, the end result is a lot! Donations are tax-deductible - please consider writing out a check to:

"Wellington Community Foundation" and on the memo line write, "WHS-CC Scholarships" and mail it to: WHS.CC Scholarships, c/o Steve Sturgis, PO Box 556, Wellington, KS 67152-0556. All monies received will go towards the "84"!

Watch here for frequent updates about this year's LAPTOP FUND** for the seniors...also be thinking about joining me beginning later this month in a 7 week, "Weight-Loss" Fundraiser Event...we haven't done that for 6 years and a quick glance in the mirror was all I needed to know the time has come again!  Details about and Pledge Sheets for the weight-loss fundraiser for laptops are posted (left hand column - any page this site!) - first weigh-in Saturday, Jan. 20th! You still have time to get pledges!!! GO FOR IT!!

Above, we will keep you updated regularly as to where we are in the process and where we still need to be - as I mentioned, an unbelievable start! Other events are being planned for the LAPTOP FUND as well, so watch for those! Keep thinking "84", "84", "84", "84"....you get the gist! 

**In the event, eligible seniors outnumber available laptops come May, as we've done in the past, myself and others will determine (out of the 84 that are eligible) who the recipients will be. (based on numerous things, including grades, ACT scores, references, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc.) That is not a fun process at all - we don't want to leave anyone out - the goal is 84 and by golly, we're going to do it!

TO BE ELIGIBLE - the requirements for eligibility are relatively simple - complete and turn in the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION forms to the Guidance Office by their deadline, which this school year was Dec. 15th. We are happy to report that "84" seniors did just that, now let's take care of business on this end! Thank you for helping out - it's what Crusaders do and there is no better way to model that than by example! You are greatly appreciated!

NOTE: The price of the laptops we purchase can vary "some" from year to year - we do secure them now from a corporation in Chicago that works with "non-profits" like the "Wellington Community Foundation". I know in the past we haven't had to pay Federal Tax nor shipping (at least not all the time). The estimate per laptop, keeping those two aforementioned variables in mind, is about $250.00. Any overages in the end (and what a great situation that would be, actually making the GOAL!!!), will carry over and be applied to the Class of 2019 Laptop Fund. I do not anticipate significant, if even any overages though, we have a lofty goal to achieve!! :)