Here Comes The Class of 2018!

Here Comes The Class of 2018!

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 22:33
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The 2018 WHS Commencement Ceremony was held Saturday afternoon at Wellington High School, with a near full house on hand, including the additional seating on the court behind the graduates. Dr. Janet Doud presented the 114 seniors as they marched in with the Crusader Band's rendition of POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE,that familiar musical score, that often stirs emotion. A student-lead prayer was then followed by a few words from the valedictorians** and then distribution of local scholarships began with USD 353 Superintendent Dr. Mark Whitener as the presenter. (All the scholarships are listed below, including recipients!)

**Marisa Black, Elizabeth Brownlee, Mary Grace Fink, Ian Groom, Logan Jones, Kialee LeValley, Abigail Lowe, Matthew McComb, Hudson Ramirez, Jenna Rausch, Jack Walton, and Adrianna Young.

Diplomas were then presented by board member Larry Mangan,  and HS Principal John Buckendorff  bid farewell to his first class of freshmen at WHS and now his first class of graduates as principal. Mortar Boards flew, the crowd cheered, and suddenly, there were 114 Crusader Alums standing in the  middle of the court. 114 Crusaders for Life hopefully. The Crusader Choir performed a couple of nice numbers as well!  Congratulations Class of 2018!     


Friday & Saturday


THE LOOFBOURROW EDUCATIONAL TRUST was established by Marvel Loofbourrow. The awards are based on moral character, scholastic achievement and economic need and are available to deserving graduating students of the accredited high schools of Sumner County. This year’s recipients from Wellington High School are: IAN GROOM AND LOGAN JONES.

THE SICILY EVELYN ZEKA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established to recognize Sicily’s valiant fight against pediatric cancer. It is awarded to a student who intends to pursue a career in the medical field. This year’s recipient is: ELIZABETH BROWNLEE.

THE STEWART CHARITABLE TRUST SCHOLARSHIPS were established by Trustees, Linda B. and John T. Stewart III and are given to seniors who rank high in scholarship, leadership and citizenship, both in and out of the classroom. The recipients for 2018 are: MARY GRACE FINK AND ADRIANNA YOUNG.

THE ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to assist a senior in furthering his or her education at a college, university or junior college. Consideration is given to citizenship, academic potential and financial need in selecting the recipient. The award goes to: HUDSON RAMIREZ.

 is awarded to assist a senior in furthering her education in the healthcare field. The scholarship funds were raised through a purse auction fundraiser held at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Ladies’ Night Out event. Through a collaboration of community organizations and the support of local businesses and individuals this scholarship is made possible. This year there are two recipients of the scholarship: KEELIE CUNNINGHAM AND JILLIAN WILEY.

THE KATHY HUBBARD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established to carry on Kathy's passion for education and her positive influence on student's lives. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior to further their education in a teaching or a counseling career. This year's recipient of the Kathy Hubbard Memorial Scholarship is: MEKENNA ADAMS.

THE LENA M. RUSH SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually to graduating Wellington High School Seniors who have demonstrated good citizenship and the scholastic ability to perform the requirements of a college or university education endeavor. This year’s recipients are: CHANEY LEONARD, KIALEE LEVALLEY and JARED OATHOUT.

THE CHRIS GLAMANN SCHOLARSHIP is given to a deserving senior to further his or her education. This year the recipient is: HAYDEN BAKER.

THE WELLINGTON LIONS CLUB annual scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is average or above average academically and above average in citizenship and who intends to further their education at the school of their choice. This year’s recipient is: MARISA BLACK.

THE DURHAM SCHOOL SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to assist a senior in furthering his or her education at a college, university, junior college or vocational/technical school. Consideration is given to academic potential and financial need in selecting the recipients. The 2018 recipients are: ANDRIA DRY AND EMILY TEMPLETON.

THE FRENCH SCHOLARSHIP FUND, created over fifty years ago by the late Mrs. Cora B. French. This year the scholarship goes to: ALEXANDER HARDIN.

THE JEFF BEVAN SCHOLARSHIP has been established in memory of Jeff Bevan who graduated in 1993. Reflections on Jeff’s life teach us the importance of friendship, hard work, and perseverance. This year’s scholarship recipient is: TY WILSON.

THE AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS CHAPTER 90 SCHOLARSHIP is being awarded to a senior in furthering his or her education at a college, university, junior college or vocational/technical school. The award is based on moral character, scholastic achievement and leadership both in and outside the classroom. The recipient for 2018 is: BLAKE BALES.

THE W.H. SCHWINN AMERICAN LEGION SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually. This year the American Legion award goes to: JADEN ADAMS.

THE KENNETH C. LARIMORE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, endowed by member of the Larimore family and friends, goes to: VALERIE AST.

THE FLORA E. AND BASIL MARTIN AMERICAN LEGION SCHOLARSHIP is given in their memory to a student who intends to further his or her education at a college of their choice or to a Vocational School that would result in a licensed trade. This year’s recipient is: AARON SCHOEMANN.

THE FLOSSIE KOONTZ SCHOLARSHIP is given this year to a deserving senior. This year’s recipient is: TREY CARY.

GLADYS CLARK was the Home Economics teacher at Wellington High School from 1967-1977. She believed in education, hard work and determination and the results achievable from young people willing to combine the three. This memorial scholarship established in her name through the generosity of family, friends and former students is awarded to just such a student who is especially interested in teaching or related field. This year we are pleased to give two students the GLADYS CLARK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: NATHANIEL BONGATO AND STORMIE JONES.

THE G.J. ROBERTS, ALICE ROBERTS AND ROBERT H. ROBERTS SCHOLARSHIP, created by the late Mrs. Alice Roberts, is given annually to a senior girl or boy who ranks high in scholarship and citizenship. The recipient is: JACK WALTON. 

The REINECKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP with support of the class of 1962 is being awarded in memory of Harold, Virginia and Patty Reinecker in honor and recognition of their combined 104 years of service and dedication as classroom teachers. We are proud to honor two students this year: JENNA RAUSCH AND ALEXIS SAFFELL.

LELA COBB SCHOLARSHIP was established for a graduate from Wellington High School. This scholarship is given to a graduate who secures a college education based on financial need, scholastic record and general aptitude. The recipient is: CADE PHELPS.

THE DICK AND ALICE WILSON SCHOLARSHIP is given to a deserving senior to further his or her education. This year’s recipient is: ABIGAIL LOWE.

RCB BANK SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to assist a senior in furthering his or her education at a university, college, junior college of technical school. Consideration is given to community service, academic potential and financial need in selecting the recipient. This award goes to: ZOEY MAXWELL.

AND NATIONAL DEPRESSION GLASS MUSEUM is awarded to assist a senior student in furthering his/her education. The scholarship funds were raised through a portion of the admission price at the annual glass convention held in Wellington. Through a collaboration of depression glass associations and the support of everyone who were a part of the convention, the scholarship is made possible. This year’s recipient is: RILEY NELSON.

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