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2019 WHS.CC College Laptop Program

2019 WHS.CC College Laptop Program

Sun, 12/30/2018 - 12:15
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Steve Sturgis
PO BOX 556
Wellington, KS 67152-0556

Please make CHECKS payable to "Wellington Community Foundation" /
on memo line write WHS.CC Laptops/Scholarships.

UPDATE 06.09.19
There are "66" Dell Chromebook Laptops (very similar to what you use at school) on their way Seniors! We originally had "80" applicants, these "66" responded to a letter that went out to all "80" in February, that they "would" be able to provide proof of enrollment when they pick up their laptop this summer...thus, we ordered "66" based on that info provided by the applicants.

I'm not setting a firm date just yet, but will soon - it should be around June 20th or so. (It's going to take a week to 10 days for them to arrive). I will set up shop at WHS in the Commons and the eligible seniors can come by and pick theirs up.

They can present their copy of "proof of enrollment" (which will be kept on file) and it should show the institution's name, the student's name, FALL 2019 Semester, and their class schedule. This form can easily be obtained from the institution you are enrolled at for this Fall.

Watch for a firm date and time announcement next week - we are almost there!! GO BIG RED!!

P.S. If you can't make the date we set up, no problem - do communicate with me at that time though, so we'll know - we can then make other arrangements.


We'll be handing out the LAPTOPS in the not-too-distant future! Those that had expressed interest through the application process were mailed letters in February, explaining this year's procedure. "Proof of Enrollment" is required - the eligible student can present that when they pick up the laptop which will be sometime in June. We are allowing extra time before distribution, (compared to the past), as most scholarship programs do, to acquire the aforementioned documentation. Of the 80 letters sent out in February, have received confirmation from 66 that they plan on presenting "Proof of Enrollment" at the time of distribution (again, sometime in June)...THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2019! 

Thank you sincerely to the many folks that contribute towards this cause! The students that participate (and their parents) appreciate it. Sending kids off to college or vocational programs can be very expensive. Providing the laptops helps a little with the overall expense and it's a pleasure for all of us to be able to do that. GO BIG RED!

OVERALL 2019 GOAL - 65 Laptops (Est)

  (as of 6.13.19)


Above 2019 "Total Tally" includes $5,387.29 carry-over from Class of 2018. ($4,502.46 will carry-over to Class of 2020!)
(2018 school year tally)




(Deadline 01.31.19)
($5 membership fee per person listed)

Austin Renn, Katy Renn, Ashley Zeka, Taylor Zeka, Marsha Renn, Miller Renn, Laynie Zeka, Meridith Renn, Liv Zeka, Millie Renn, Mark Ellis, Ron Frazee, Wayne Biles, Connie Biles, Rebecca Stocking, Karen Gerberding, Terri Cornejo, Vickie Lawless, Eldon Lawless, Kiley Patterson, Keri Patterson Truscello, Chalea Lawless Jacobs, Chanda Lawless Kulm, Austin Lawless, Greg Lam, Tate Goss, Marissa Lawless, Cindy Daniels, Hazy Krueger, Pearl Daniels, Tammy Bradbury, Caleb Bradbury, Mikala Bradbury, Nathan Bradbury, Sarah Bradbury, Lisa Gonzales, Donna Etter, Marvel Allan McLean, Fred McLean, Valerie Ledesma, Bonni Ledesma, Carri Ledesma, Samson Ledesma, Joshua Ledesma, Ben Ledesma, Michele (Moyer) Musick, Kylie Horsch, Zach Horsch, Trace Witham, Gavin Witham, Sammie Brown, Jennifer Milner, Charles Wallace, Brenda Wallace, Vera Warren, Rylan Zimmerman, Shaughnessy Zimmerman, Howard Zimmerman, Glenda Zimmerman, Kenny Barker, Renae Barker, Linda Leggett, Laci Leggett, Preston Carroll, Mitzi Carroll, Heath Carroll, Michaela Carroll, Ethan Carroll, Dee Chapman, Patricia Norris, Timmy Norris, Heather Norris, Tommy Norris, Amy Norris, Joyce Robinson, Bill McNamara, Shawna McNamara, Callie Snowden, Austin Snowden, Shelby McNamara, Christie Crews, Jacquelynn Crews, Mike McCorkle, Amber McCorkle, Cameron McCorkle, Brooke McCorkle, Cole McCorkle, Arlen Baumgartner, Pat Fink, Judi Fink, Maggie Fink, Gracie Fink, Austin Fink, Mike Wilmoth, Aleta Wilmoth, Karla Defore, Jeff Defore, Renee Jones, Cathy Sheets, Shirley Weber, Connie Carson, Kelly Adams, Daphne Adams, Peggy Gilmore, Dallas Gilmore, Sonia Schmidt, Wesley Gilmore, Vince Wetta, Marilyn Wetta, Jim Sandell, Peggy Sandell, Mike Sandell, Jeff Sandell, David Carr, Colette Kocour, Larry Mangan, Leanne Mangan, Mary Ann Coulter, Terry Coulter, Megan Coulter, Trey Coulter, Herb Lamkin, Russ Miller, Rose Miller, Patti Wedel Zeka, Mandy Zeka Ramos, Lupe Vaughan, J.C. Long, Mary Long  (as of 01-31-2019)
(see info about membership process below)


Class of 1978 - Larry Norris - $25.00

Class of 1977 - Debbie Norris - $25.00

Class of 2009 - Casey Dry - $100.00

Class of 1983 - Garrison Hullinger - $500.00

Class of 1968 - Class Treasurer - $250.00, John Sturgis - $250.00

Class of 1977 - Doug Pfalzgraf - $250.00, Joyce Robinson - $100.00

Class of 1967 - Charles & Brenda Wallace - $190.00

Class of 1969 - Jenifer Davis-Howard - $50

Class of 1979 - Valerie (Zeka) Ledesma - $250.00

Class of 1973 - C. John Cochran - $50.00

Class of 1955 - Fred McLean $50.00

Class of 1959 - Marvel McLean $50.00

Class of 1970 - Michele (Moyer) Musick $50.00

Class of 1986 - Judi (McEachern) Fink $25.00

Class of 2005 - Katie Ford $250.00

Class of 1974 - Melissa (Moberg) Geubelle $10, Lupe Vaughan $15

Class of 1972 - Mike Geubelle $10, Rick & Sandra Clift $25

Class of 2004 - Brady Norris $250.00


(Bertrand Family) In memory of Matt Bertrand $300.00

(Bonni Ledesma '00) In memory of Ethel Zeka $250.00

(Judy Goodrum '60) In memory of Bob Goodrum (1959) $250.00

(Bob & Jan Owens) In memory Dorothy Lucille Troutman (1944) $75.00

(Funeral Memorial) In memory Dorothy Troutman $590.00


Colby Zeka Ins. Agency - $300.00
Security State Bank - $300.00
El Chile Verde - $300.00
Cornejo/Day Funeral Home - $300.00
Health Mart Pharmacy - $200.00
Theurer Auction Realty, LLC - $300.00
Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund - $900.00
Sumner Cowley Electric Employees Organization - $300.00


Steve Saffell -


Andrea Day - $50.00
Josh Sturgis - $250.00
Bertrand Family - $300.00
Herb Lamkin - $15.00


Donate just $5 (per person) to the Wellington Community Foundation (write WHS.CC on memo line of check) and mail to Steve Sturgis, PO Box 556, Wellington, KS 67152 by Jan. 31, 2019 and you will be eligible for the following:

Beginning Jan. 2, 2019 (if your dues are in), you are eligible for "2" benefits during the 2019 calendar year...

First, if you click LIKE on the PO FAM LOTTO posts during 2019 and we win, you'll have an additional $10K added to your prize money just for clicking LIKE!

Second, if you forget to click LIKE on any 2019 drawing and you're a 2019 PO FAM LOTTO MEMBER, you will still win $10K should we win that particular jackpot!!

You become eligible as a 2019 member for the first 2019 POWERBALL DRAWING on January 2, 2019, and every POWERBALL DRAWING throughout the 2019 calendar year. Deadline to enter for 2019 memberships is January 31, 2019. You become eligible when your dues arrive, preferably, they arrive by the deadline of January 31, 2019.

Last year, the PO FAM CLUB raised enough for "3" Laptops - let's shoot for "5" this go-round!

Mail $5 for each person who wants to be a 2019 PO FAM CLUB member and receive above noted benefits. For each $5 you mail (address is above to mail to), include a name - you donate $50, include "10" names, etc. Again, if paying by check, make out to WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. (Write WHS.CC on memo line) All members names will be posted above, so you'll know your $$ have been received, your eligibility is in place for 2019.


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