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It Was CONDITIONING TEST Saturday @ WHS Practice Fields!

The CONDITIONING TEST in mid-August always kind of signifies the end of the SUMMER workouts and training, and it's a great gauge too for the student-athletes to see where they are "conditioning-wise"! 

2-A-Days begin on Monday for football, all the other Fall Sports begin Monday as well!! Let's make it a great FALL across the board!!!


Your 2018-2019 WHS Class Officers!

With the 2018-2019 school year upon us, we wanted to let folks know who will be in charge next year at the high school - well, the Class Officers for 2018-2019 anyway! A great bunch - here they are!

President: Devin Dickinson
Co-Vice Presidents: Tanner Dillon & Dakota Lynnes
Secretary: Nicholas Reyes
Treasurer: Taylor Meyer

President: John Long
Vice President: Karsten Gill
Secretary: Quinn McCue
Treasurer: Rowan Catlett