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SPIRIT WEEK is Upon Us! A New Duke Will Reign Soon!

SPIRIT WEEK is Upon Us! A New Duke Will Reign Soon!

Thu, 01/28/2021 - 00:24
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The WHS Duke 2020-2021 Coronation is just a little over a week away (Feb. 5th)! Congrats again to Kade Adams, Colin Green, Rayce Koerner, Tanner Meyer and Berkeley Wright!

We will be taking the traditional Crusader Website FORMAL PICS on Sunday of just the candidates (a tradition that began 20 years ago). All of those pics will be posted by Sunday evening and will be FREE to download for family and friends and other media!

Spirit Week with DAILY THEMES will commence on Monday, Feb. 1st - the graphic shows the overall line-up of themes for the week. A more detailed graphic of MONDAY'S CARTOON CHARACTERS THEME coming soon! Detailed graphics of subsequent daily themes will appear soon as well!

Duke Coronation and Spirit Week 2020-2021

Watch for other additional details! Let's make it a great week! Duke and Duchess activities have been mentioned in the Crusader Yearbooks since the 1940's - a tradition that has now continued for 75 years or so!! Very Cool!


One NEW TWIST this year to encourage SPIRIT WEEK participation. Due to split school schedules,'s more difficult to get pics of the SPIRIT WEEK participants and their costumes, than it has been other years...the Crusader Website is going to be giving away $200 to encourage participation this year and to also provide pics for public posting on the Crusader Website throughout the week!

Here is how it will work! Any day you dress up for that day's theme, have someone take a pic and message it to me no later than 3:30PM each day, to:

Individual Pics - mask not required

Pics w/ more than 1 person in it - masks are required

We are going to put the daily pic participants' "names" in a hat and draw out one winner each day for $25 cash! On Friday, all the names from all 5 days will go in the hat and that winning overall participant will win $75 cash! The more days you participate, the better your chances of winning! So, dress up to each theme daily and send me a pic - you could win $$! The candidates can participate in this as well.

NOTE: There will need to be at least "5" participants daily (outside the candidates) or the $25 prize money will be adjusted. There will need to be at least "25" participants overall (outside the candidates) or the $75 prize money will be adjusted.

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