PROM 2021 - Lord & Lady - Arrivals / Walk-In / Dance Pics!

PROM 2021 - Lord & Lady - Arrivals / Walk-In / Dance Pics!

Sun, 04/18/2021 - 07:13
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Lord Kade Adams Lady Lexi Clift
Congratulations to Kade Adams and Lexi Clift! Your 2021 Lord and Lady of the PROM!
(A tradition that began 53 years ago!)

Other awards were announced as the event came to an end. Prom was over and Project Prom would soon commence.

Other pics including, walk-in, and dance will be posted soon! One other pic you see here are the folks that make PROM work every year. L to R - Ms. Katie Ford, Mrs. Karla Lawless, and Mr. Brad Ewing, lend all their expertise and energy each year and contribute greatly to the overall success and enjoyment of the event. It is quite an endeavor . The decorations were awesome tonight, in both gyms. The sound and lights awesome too. Over 300 feet of extension cords to make all that work!

Congrats to the others receiving awards (see pics above & below), Congrats again to Kade & Lexi!!

PROM 2021 ARRIVALS 041721

WALK-IN PICS @ 2021 WHS PROM 041721

DANCE PICS @ 2021 WHS PROM 041721

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