Bridge Work Update!

Bridge Work Update!

Wed, 08/30/2023 - 15:10
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BRIDGE WORK 2023 Update!

In addition to a slew of photos of Varsity Tennis, the home meet yesterday also presented an opportunity to snag some pics of the completed bridge at Sellers Park! The seniors and others have worked on and off in the heat on this paint job the whole month of August, and has been checking in at Sellers frequently looking for Crusaders at work and documenting progress! Below is compilation of several days’ photos, including some from this weekend with the last crew making the finishing touches. These kids worked hard and did it right! Senior River Douglas did a fantastic job on the Crusader, and the group included a touching tribute to our friend Steve Sturgis, just as the class of 2022 likewise chose to include.

IMPRESSIVE WORK by lots of talented and hard-working Crusaders!

BRIDGE WORK 080323 - 082923

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