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IMPACT BANK is sponsoring a new program this year at Wellington High School. It is called - KINDNESS COUNTS!

Here's how it works!

There are at least "4" staff members at WHS that have been selected as "anonymous observers". (they don't even know who the other observers are) Their task this school year, when they observe a student exhibiting KINDNESS, in any variety of ways, they will nominate that student for recognition, and in turn, IMPACT BANK will award the selectee, for their display of "KINDNESS", a $25 Gift Card!

We have our first IMPACT BANK "KINDNESS COUNTS" winner and this is what he was observed doing.

The selectee was in the hallway, and introduced himself to a sophomore, who was walking down the hallway alone. The selectee walked up to the quiet and somewhat introverted underclassman, and asked his name. He introduced himself, shook the sophomore's hand, and having recognized the name, he told the sophomore to be sure to say hi to his older brother. This interaction with an underclassman, in such a manner, probably made the sophomore feel just a little more at home as the school year was getting started. It is commendable that a schoolmate, would greet him in such a way and afford him that feeling.

This same selectee, recently stepped up in one of his classes, to assist another classmate, when her "project partner" couldn't be there to assist with their class presentation. Without hesitation, our honored Crusader today, immediately volunteered to help with the presentation, averting a potentially embarrassing or awkward situation for the student.

Trey and Jace

The KIND person we speak of, in such high regard is


On behalf of IMPACT BANK, we are proud of you Jace Barton. You are an awesome young man. Presenting Jace with his $25 Gift Card from IMPACT, is the WHS Class of 2022 Class President, Trey Greenlee. His assistance with the presentation was most appreciated - he did an awesome job as well.

There are many GIFT CARDS to award this school year CRUSADERS - be KIND and the next gift card, might "IMPACT" you!

GREAT JOB JACE - Thank you Class of 2022 President Greenlee!

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