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JV Tennis competes at League

JV Tennis competes at League

Thu, 04/28/2022 - 17:20
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JV Tennis competed in the Wichita Collegiate-hosted league tournament today.  In the #1 Singles slot for the Crusaders, junior Hudson Lawrence defeated his first opponent Wellner of Circle, but was felled by Rasberry of Collegiate and then Everhart of McPherson for a 4th place finish.  In #2 Singles, Nate Farmer, also a junior,  ended up vying for 3rd, as well, against Manns from Buhler after defeating his first opponent Jewers of Winfield and then falling to Yendru of Collegiate.  Farmer was able to pull out the win over Manns 9-3 for a 3rd place finish on the day.  

In Doubles action, freshmen duo Luke Swingle and John Summers filled the #1 slot and had a tough go of it to begin with, but were able to down Todd/Cooper of El Dorado to end the day with a win and 7th place finish.  For #2 Doubles, Colten Clift and Colton Strange, also freshmen, initially lost to their first opponents Brown/Issa of Collegiate, then defeated El Dorado's Lopez and Roberts to place them in the 5th/6th place match.  Augusta's Davis and Hennessy took 5th over Clift and Strange in that match.

#1 Singles - Hudson Lawrence 1-2 4th

#2 Singles - Nate Farmer 2-1 3rd

#1 Doubles - Swingle/Summers 1-2 7th

#2 Doubles - Clift/Strange 1-2 6th

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