Wellington hosts JV, Varsity volleyball

Wellington hosts JV, Varsity volleyball

Sun, 09/25/2022 - 21:29
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Varsity and JV Volleyball finally had home matches this past week.  I was out sick for the week, but thanks (VERY BIG THANKS) to former Yearbook member Maddie Nance, a senior at WHS, we have plenty of photos from the night!  Maddie, Pep Club member extraordinaire, not only made sure to attend as a leader in the student section, but she also picked up a yearbook camera to take pics from the stands.  Maddie, Shelby Popplewell, and others took MANY photographs for us!  As for outcomes, the varsity squad unfortunately lost to both Collegiate and Winfield, but JV was able to win against both!  

Check out the student photography below!


(Photos by Shelby Popplewell, Maddie Nance, et. al)

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