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It Was Old(er) vs Younger @ WHS Saturday!

It Was Old(er) vs Younger @ WHS Saturday!

Sun, 11/26/2017 - 02:43
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An on and off tradition for many years and one that has consistently occurred since the new high school opened over 10 years ago, continued on Saturday (112617) when what we will now call, the Magnificent Seven, came home to WHS to scrimmage their younger counterparts as others had done with them at different times in the past. To be honest, the "old" boys didn't do too bad, minus a little huffin' and puffin' at times...(oh wait a minute, that was me walking up and down the side court taking pics!) :)

It was good to see Brian Peck, Austin Dunn, Trevor Nance, Mitch Spencer, Colin Reichenberger, Trey Vargas and Ryan Jenkins on scene for the event. (I left after the first hour or so of action so others may have appeared after my departure). A few were a bit "girthier" than when they donned the red and white uniforms back in their respective days, filling the paint quite adequately and offering up some good competition for the present day "inside" Dukes. Brian Peck, an accomplished high school and college golfer did mention golf wasn't as tiring (in between gasps for air), but he still drained at least "2" three's on the day. Mitch Spencer, the oldest alum on the court, held his own quite well and still appears to be in decent physical shape. (Rumor has it he and others play basketball during the noon hour at Memorial Auditorium) which just shows what a little physical activity can do for longevity and stamina. 

It's a fun event and one that benefits the program as well. It's always great when the old and new can mingle as one...I've been on the best ride of my existence for the past 19 years doing just that...CRUSADERS FOR LIFE, just another example.


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