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"Crusader Way" is about COMMUNITY!

"Crusader Way" is about COMMUNITY!

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 04:39
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Freshmen at WHS participate in CRUSADER WAY classes their first year as Crusaders, learning a myriad of social and community skills and how to utilize them. 

Each semester, members of the Crusader Way classes sit down with socially responsible members of the community, in the school library, and have dialogue. The event is an opportunity for the students to hear first hand about the benefits and difficulties of being an active citizen in your community. The exercise also refines and sharpens the student's communication skills.

Community members present on Wednesday at WHS included Anna Rose White, Cody White, Kelly Ford, Kim Hefley, Angie Ratcliff, Larry Mangan, Joe Soria, Michael Nelson, Kiersten Theurer, Kori Boyd and Tessa Stewart. Their presence, greatly appreciated by both the students and the Crusader Way staff members.

(courtesy of WHS Yearbook)

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