WMS 7/8 Golf - Domination For "4" Years!

WMS 7/8 Golf - Domination For "4" Years!

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 06:33
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This is the 4th year for the WMS Golf Program - before I share today's outcomes at Rose Hill, check this out!

This coming Monday at the Pioneer League Tournament in Ark City, will be the 39th golf event for the WMS Boys since their program began 4 years ago. Are you ready for this?

The Knights have won 37 of 38 individual "GOLD" medals since the program began. The only one they lost was last year at Ark City when our #1 player wasn't able to play that day. Wellington still won TEAM GOLD that day and secured 2nd thru 6th places! (Our 2nd place finisher was just 1 stroke back!)

At the end of last year (3rd year for the program), of the 210 gold medals up for grabs (individual and team) during that 3 year period, Wellington boys snagged 209 of them!

Can I get a big HOORAH from all of you!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME! THAT IS AWESOME! THAT IS AWESOME! Congratulations to Coach Jeff DeJarnett and the Knights - that is one heck of a run!!

Now, today's results for WMS golfers at Sierra Hills (Rose Hill Par 3 course - par is 58)

Deitrek Gill - 65 (1st)
Carson Nugen - 86 (7th)
Caden Lawrence - 91
Parker Dodds - 94

TEAM - 336 (1st)

Taylon Ellis 100
Colby Fair 112

Emma Stover - 92 (8th)
Kasiah Richmond - 100 (10th)
Elly DeJarnett - 101
Lizzie Harriger - 108

TEAM - 401 (3rd)

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