WHS SENIOR CHASE PFALZGRAF finished 7th today at the 4A Cross Country Regional in Chanute. WHS JUNIOR MACKENZIE
                               finished 10th - both 5K runs! Both are STATE 4A MEET bound in Wamego next weekend! WAY TO REPRESENT CRUSADERS!
                                                                                                                     REGIONAL 4A PICS ARE PENDING!! 

                  SENIOR NIGHT PICS  //  STATE 4A FOOTBALL BRACKETS (East & West)

The DORE ENCHIES reclaim the GREAT RACE Crown!

The DORE ENCHIES reclaim the GREAT RACE Crown!

Sun, 07/22/2018 - 05:36
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The 28th GREAT RACE RELAY took place Saturday afternoon at South Woods Park and points beyond. "8" teams participated in the "13" event relay which includes motocross, horseback, bicycles, canoes, long and short distance running. Each team carries a colored railroad spike from start to finish - if you don't cross the finish line with it, you don't win! Jack Potucek has been the Racemaster for all 28 races, dating back to 1977.

The 2018 top 3 finishers were:

THE DORE ENCHIES finished first, followed by the 2017 defending champion, SECURITY STATE BANK. In 3rd this year, a first-time entry for the MANILA GORILLAS! Great showing!

There were participants from across the country Saturday, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Illinois, Florida, many from Wichita and other area Kansas communities. Truly a GREAT RACE!! Congratulations to the DORE on reclaiming the trophy. 


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