Your 2018-2019 WHS Duchess Candidates!

Your 2018-2019 WHS Duchess Candidates!

Mon, 09/10/2018 - 19:01
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The 2018-2019 WHS Duchess Candidates were announced recently - Coronation is slated for Friday, Sept. 21st @ halftime of the WHS vs Augusta Football Game @ Sellers Park.

Many other festivities surround the Duchess Court between now and then! Formal Pics on the 16th, daily SPIRIT WEEK pics, 17th thru 21st, HOMECOMING PARADE & BONFIRE, 20th, the CORONATION @ the football game on the 21st, and the Dance that follows the game at WHS in the Commons and more!

Candidates Left to Right:
Jacelyn Buck, Skylar Troutman, Arielle Pottier, Juliette Hyer, and Taylor Meyer!

Congratulations Ladies!!

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