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Outstanding Athletes

Outstanding Athletes

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 16:28
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The annual WHS Sports Banquet was held Wednesday evening, with a large crowd of student athletes, parents and fans on hand as participants in all Crusader Sports and Cheer were honored and recognized for their achievements, not just on the field or court, but also in the classroom.

The reoccurring thought that went through my head throughout the 2+ hour event, as Class of '18, '19, '20 and '21 participants received their well deserved praise, was this - we have a mighty fine group of students at Wellington High School, it was great to see them all on stage and in the spotlight. Seriously, some really fine kids we can all be proud of. 

Some mighty fine coaches, parents and community members as well. Guest speaker and 1995 Outstanding Male Athlete recipient, Jesse Cornejo, reminded all in a most heartfelt way, how lucky we are to live in Wellington, how lucky we all are to have each other. Indeed we are.

Congrats to Senior Jack Walton...the 2017-18 & 14th JOHN GIFFORD TRUE CRUSADER AWARD recipient since it was first awarded to Jamie Dixon, a senior on the 2004 Football Team!! Pictured with Jack are his head football Coach Zane Aguilar and Coach John Gifford!! Way to go Jack!!

Seniors Avery Rusk and Cade Phelps were named the Outstanding Female and Male Athletes for the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to them and to all, for a stellar year, packed full of what will always be stellar memories.

A potluck dinner followed the ceremonies, a great evening to be a Crusader, just 1 out of 365 such evenings that occur each and every year. GO WHS!!



The annual WHS SPORTS BANQUET with new enhancementswas held Wednesday evening out at the HOME OF THE CRUSADERS and a large contingent of Crusader Fans were on hand for the event. The program was an opportunity for the coaches to honor their student-athletes with words, with letters, with pins and with wisdom. Many highlights during the affair, from Crusader Club President Colby Zeka presenting a $5,000.00 check to WHS Athletic Director Luke Smith, to Senior Michael Billington being named the 2017 "Coach Giff" True Crusader Award recipient! The climax of course was the announcement of this school year's outstanding male and female athletes - those honors going to Seniors Chris Kop (Football and Track) and Jaycee Schettler (Cross Country, Powerlifting and Track). Thank you CRUSADER CLUB, congratulations to MICHAEL BILLINGTON and double congratulations to CHRIS KOP & JAYCEE SCHETTLER. Congratulations to a fine group of student-athletes and coaches as well. Guest Speaker Kelly Adams, the 1990 Outstanding WHS Male Athlete summed it up best for us all to hear - "set goals, get involved, live your life in such a way to limit regrets later on"...great words, great school, great futures. A pot-luck dinner was held afterwards in the Commons...proud to be a Crusader this day and every day!


1976 - Doug Norris * Jeri Terese McGillicuddy
1977 - John O'Dell * Brenda Boatright
1978 - Scott Templeton * Teresa Blodgett
1979 - Ladean Wayman * Donna Mathew

1980 - Jeff Sneed * Angie Allton
1981 - Roger Ward * Becky Hall
1982 - Linn Hibbs * Karen Frost
1983 - Mark Sneed * Jeanie Ybarra
1984 - Scott Koeppen * Sharon Scheufler
1985 - Jim Wetta * Joni Lichtenberger
1986 - John Wetta * Shana Glick
1987 - Tom Short * Markie Russell
1988 - Brian McClure * Kristin Scheufler
1989 - E.K. Franks * Heather Smith

1990 - Kelly Adams * Debi Nickel
1991 - Jonny McCreary * Anna Heimer
1992 - Theo Frost * Kelly Silcott
1993 - Lance Russell * Samantha Bertrand
1994 - Jeremy Troutman * Amy Keltch
1995 - Jesse Cornejo * Misty Stallbaumer
1996 - Richard Clift * Kecheia Griffin
1997 - Scott Yessen * Brandi Flisram
1998 - Nate Cornejo * Airily Roths
1999 - Chris Weikal * Natasha Ogden & Tracie Strothman

2000 - Nate Ybarra * Stasha McClure
2001 - Matt Ybarra * Cherity Clift
2002 - Colt Cody * Erica Caudillo
2003 - Tim Lira * Amanda McQuin
2004 - Zane Aguilar * Christina Crow & Emily Martin
2005 - John Heath * Stephenie Dixon
2006 - Lars White * Kacie Brown & Mandy Zeka
2007 - Tanner Ybarra * Courtney Goodrum & Lacey Hibbs
2008 - Matt Stalcup * Sarah Jeanne Mitchell 
2009 - Heath Carroll * J'Lynn Ledesma

2010 - Jeremy & Jordan Edwards * Cassie Wiley
2011 - James Loughmiller * Kaitlyn Buck & Lexis Hibbs
2012 - Taylan Ybarra * Dani Anderson
2013 - Alex Weiss * Megan Campbell & Kailey Jenkins
2014 - Jaedyn Ledesma, Ben DeJarnett & Taylon Lamkin

2015 - Peyton Adams, Trevor Nance, Colin Reichenberger
2016 - Ryleigh Buck * Connor Phelps
2017 - Jaycee Schettler * Chris Kop
2018 - Avery Rusk * Cade Phelps


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