KNIGHT Potpourri

KNIGHT Potpourri

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 17:29
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WMS Pep Assembly




Wellington Middle School held a Pep Assembly Monday afternoon - to give their two Lady Knight basketball teams a big sendoff as both the 7th and 8th grade girls play for the PIONEER LEAGUE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP later this afternoon and evening at Mulvane MS. Both have already secured the regular season PIONEER LEAGUE TITLE - it's time to complete the package!!

Also honored and recognized were the Boys' 7th and 8th grade basketball teams, the 7/8 grade Wrestlers, the Cheerleaders and this past Fall's PIONEER LEAGUE CHAMPION 8th grade Volleyball Squad!! Kudos to all - good luck tonight Ladies!!! GO BIG RED!!


Pioneer League Spelling Bee

WMS had a solid group of Knights and Lady Knights take part in the Pioneer League Div IV Championship Tuesday. Congratulations to all of them for their participation, that takes considerable nerve and composure to participate in these kind of events and to do so at middle school age says a lot about this group of 5!

Kudos to Jax Cornejo who finished FIRST in the 7th grade division - he won it all, spelling the word Methuselah correctly! Great job Jax!

Kudos also to Jody Lyne in 8th grade, she competed well and also got a medal, finishing 5th! Very nice Jody!

Also participating from WMS were Riley Anderson, Melody Rinehart and Hunter Lough! Awesome students, all 5! Mrs. DeJarnett, their sponsor at WMS, indicated she was very proud of all of the Wellington kids - WAY TO REPRESENT KNIGHTS - We Are Proud Of You!!

7th Grade
1st Place - Jax Cornejo (Wellington) 
2nd Place - Landon Atkins 
3rd Place - Cailin Nettrouer 
4th Place - Trena Potter 
5th Place - Tyler Gould 

8th Grade
1st Place - Jaycee Clark 
2nd Place - Sabrina Wilson 
3rd Place - Brayden Stoner 
4th Place - Breckyn Poe 
5th Place - Jody Lyne (Wellington)

Paul Bogart Grammy Nominee @ WMS

The 6th grade students at the Wellington Middle School were treated to a special concert on Thursday, November 16th. 

Paul Bogart, Grammy Nominee for Country Song, Country Album, American Roots Song and Gospel Song this year, performed a few of his favorite songs for the 6th grade students and staff members. 

Several of the MTSS groups wrote their very own songs during MTSS time and shared them with Paul.  The students and staff enjoyed the show and the stories Paul shared with them. 

The Wellington Middle School would like to give a HUGE thank you to Paul for taking time out of his schedule to perform for us. What an honor! Paul is a friend of WMS Instructor Brandon Wilmoth who arranged this amazing visit to Wellington by the Grammy Nominee! Awesome stuff!


Paul Bogart Grammy Nominee @ WMS


Scholars Bowl
With the WMS Scholars Bowl season winding down,
 the 7th and 8th grade Knights road tripped to Goddard on Tuesday with grand results! Our 8th graders, for the 3rd time this season grabbed the gold, defeating host Goddard, Ark City, Haysville and Valley Center. The 7th graders fared well too, finishing 3rd in the field of 5.

Congrats to both squads and good luck this Thursday in El Dorado at the Pioneer League Tournament which will conclude the Fall 2017 scholars bowl season.

Members of the squads are as follows:

Baylee Newberry, Crosby Fairbanks, Ali Zeka, Deitrek Gill, Brett Wyckoff, Jay Ybarra & Dylan Dickinson

WMS 7th Grade Scholars Bowl Team 2017
Riley Trowbridge, Kylen Smith, Jensen Lynnes, Shianna Hughes, Jax Cornejo, Banks Hinshaw and Jaxson Irey-Hurt



Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 Clearwater Middle School

The 7th/8th grade WMS Scholars Bowl teams took their brain cells on the road to Clearwater on Thursday. Competition was solid, here are the team results for both 7th and 8th grades:

Winfield 4-1
Clearwater 4-1
McPherson 3-2
Maize South 2-3
Ark City 1-4
Wellington 1-4

Jax Cornejo, Jaxson Irey-Hurt, Kylen Smith, Jensen Lynnes, Riley Trowbridge, Banks Hinshaw & Shianna Hughes

Clearwater 5-0
McPherson 4-1
Ark City 2-3
Wellington 2-3
Maize South 2-3
Winfield 0-5

Baylee Newberrry, Dylan Dickinson, Crosby Fairbanks, Deitrek Gill, Ali Zeka, Brett Wyckoff & Jay Ybarra

Next Up

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017 @ Goddard MS vs Goddard, Ark City, Haysville and Valley Center
Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 @ El Dorado MS (Pioneer League Meet)


WMS 8th Grade Scholars Bowl Team 2017

Congratulations to the WMS 8th Grade SCHOLARS BOWL TEAM! The Knights were in Newton Thursday and went UNDEFEATED, topping host Newton, Augusta, Mulvane and Salina South. How awesome is that? The 8th Grade team is now 2-1 on the season. Next action Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 Clearwater Middle School

The Scholarly Knights...L to R:
Baylee Newberry, Ali Zeka, Crosby Fairbanks, Deitrek Gill, Jay Ybarra, Dylan Dickinson and Brett Wyckoff

(7th grade results not received)


The WMS 7th and 8th grade Scholar's Bowl Teams were on the road Monday, Oct. 30, 2017 to Andover Middle School along with teams from Rose Hill, Maize South and Hutchinson. Here are the TEAM FINISHES for event #2 of 6 for Fall 2017 competition:

8th Grade
Andover 4-0
Rose Hill 3-1
Hutchinson 2-2
Wellington 1-3
Maize South 0-4

Baylee Newberrry, Dylan Dickinson, Crosby Fairbanks, Deitrek Gill, Ali Zeka, Brett Wyckoff & Jay Ybarra

7th Grade
Rose Hill 4-0
Hutchinson 3-1
Wellington 2-2
Andover 1-3
Maize South 0-4

Jax Cornejo, Jaxson Irey-Hurt, Kylen Smith, Jensen Lynnes, Riley Trowbridge, Banks Hinshaw & Shianna Hughes

Next Up / Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 @ Newton HS vs Newton, Augusta, Mulvane and Salina South


The WMS 7th and 8th grade Scholar's Bowl Teams hosted teams from Andover Central, Derby North, Mulvane and Circle on  Monday, Oct. 23, 2017

Congratulations to the 8th grade team who finished first!! Here are the team results from both classes:

8th Grade
Wellington 3-1
Andover Central 3-1
Derby North 2-2
Mulvane 2-2
Circle 0-4

Baylee Newberrry, Dylan Dickinson, Crosby Fairbanks, Deitrek Gill, Ali Zeka, Brett Wyckoff & Jay Ybarra

7th Grade
Derby North 4-0
Mulvane 3-1
Circle 2-2
Wellington 1-3
Andover Central 0-4

Jax Cornejo, Jaxson Irey-Hurt, Kylen Smith, Jensen Lynnes, Riley Trowbridge, Banks Hinshaw & Shianna Hughes

Next Up / Monday, Oct. 30, 2017 @ Andover High School vs Andover, Hutchinson, Maize South and Rose Hill



The WMS 6th Graders were participating Tuesday in the Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever's Youth Pollinator Habitat Program just north of the 9th Street Baseball Diamond. This is the 2nd year for the project, administered by 6th grade Social Studies instructor Brandon's a description of what the program is about: Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s Youth Pollinator Habitat Program provides support to over 700 grassroots chapters and their partners across the country to engage youth, families and communities in establishing pollinator habitat projects. The program’s objectives are to increase awareness about declining pollinator populations, educate the general public on the importance of pollinator habitat and establish quality pollinator habitat across the country. The program will provide tools for chapters and their partners to work with local community partners to create habitat projects that involve youth, school and community groups. Program support includes training on how to plan, plant and manage a pollinator project from start to finish. Additionally, conservation/pollinator curriculum for classrooms, hands-on educational activities and monitoring activities for after the project is established are provided. Project benefits include quality pollinator foraging and nesting habitat, but also opportunities for youth to get outside and gain an appreciation for wildlife and conservation. 
Double click for largest view.

Book Report Sandwiches
WMS students Mekhi Haskin-Ybarra, Jeffery Berryman, Alyra Koerner, Maddie Nance, Jensen Lynnes and Shianna Hughes
created "book report sandwiches" for Ms. Fairbanks' Reading Class, over their 3rd quarter AR books. Each part of the sandwich explained a different part of the book, ex. the cheese was the character description, the meat was the setting and so on. Very Creative!! 

Mmmmmmm....Book Reports sure taste good!! :)

Congratulations to the WMS math relay team for competing well at our competition in Ark City! 
The 7th grade team finished in 4th place and 7th grader Deitrek Gill finished in first place in the individual competition! Great Job Knights! Front Row L to R: Aidan Young, Morgan Bacon, Bella Brusky, Alyssa Nichols Back Row L to R: Mathias Klinedinst, Riley Anderson, Deitrek Gill, Rachel Lee, Olivia Brand and Emma Dillon.

Wellington Youth Bowlers
Wellington "YOUTH" Bowlers fared well at the
 Youth State Tournament in Olathe...congrats to Kylen Smith, 1st place singles (766), Kayla Reynolds, 1st place singles (746) and the JuJu Nike Hawks, 1st place team (2801) w/ Makayla Brownlee, Isobella Brusky, Kayla Reynolds and "substitute" Leigh Garrett!Also pictured, Mr. Bill Day, owner of Meadow Lanes Bowling Alley here in Wellington! GREAT JOB!!


Wellington Middle School hosted 
the Pioneer League Div IV Spelling Bee on Tuesday - CONGRATULATIONS to WMS 7th Grader Alexis Hearlson who finished 5th! Here are the TOP 5 finishers for both 7th & 8th grade:
8TH GRADE: 1st Elena Messenger Ark City / 2nd Kathrynne Giger Ark City / 3rd Roger Bosley Clearwater / 4th Brandun Dunlop Winfield / 5th Breanne Tinsley Ark City
7TH GRADE: 1st Breckyn Poe El Dorado / 2nd Sabrina Wilson Winfield / 3rd Kassidy Halpain Mulvane / 4th Daylan Reeves Clearwater / 5th Alexis Hearlson Wellington

8th Grader Kaitynne Kreifels of Wellington earned an honorable mention. Congrats to all including 7th graders Riley Anderson, Kaiden Hernandez, Korbin Jones and Destiny Pacchelli for representing well!

WMS Leadership Group Assists Food Bank NOV 2016
 from many of your area schools! The WMS Leadership Group dropped off "3" truckloads of food and $590 cash Monday morning at the Wellington Food Bank! Eisenhower contributed over 2,200 canned items and the WHS Leadership Group - over 1,300 lbs of food!
More to come for Christmas - stay tuned!!

WMS Fall Sports Assembly 111816
The FALL SPORTS ASSEMBLY was held Friday morning at the Wellington Middle School. 
Letters and Certificates were distributed to the Knight and Lady Knight student-athletes in the hour long program, honoring football, volleyball, cross country, girls tennis, scholars bowl, cheer and leadership groupsfor their participation and contribution to the many successes experienced by our young Knights, soon to be Crusaders. A stellar bunch with high hopes and bright futures. Congrats on a great start to the school year - continued good luck this Winter!! GO KNIGHTS / GO LADY KNIGHTS!!


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