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Steve Sturgis inducted to Crusader Wall of Recognition

Wellington High School will honor Steve Sturgis as the 2022 Crusader Wall of Recognition inductee in a presentation during Class Night tonight at 7pm in the Wellington High School main gymnasium.  

The Wall of Recognition program was started in 2012 for the following purposes:

       To honor a culture and tradition of excellence and high achievement by recognizing outstanding Wellington High School Alumni and contributors.  

A Note on the Crusader Website's Future

Since fall of 1999, the Crusader website has been THE go-to place for Wellington content.  Its look and web address may have changed periodically, but it has had one sole proprietor: Steve Sturgis.  It is Steve’s creation, his vision.  Much has already been said about Steve’s inventiveness and the impact the website has had on our community, so I’ll suffice to add this: There was nothing like it when Steve first created the website; he blazed a trail for all others to follow, and the project is a wonder and a testament to his brilliance, creativity, talent, and industriousness.  I

2022 WHS.CC College Laptop (Asst Prog Info)

PLEASE NOTE:  A new 2022 Application Form is located in WHS Guidance Office. You'll have approx. 7-8 weeks to get the form, you fill out your part and a parent and or guardian's signature as well, then turn back in to the WHS Guidance Office by the deadline. I strongly suggest you take CELL PHONE PIC of completed form for future reference. Also NOTE: the deadline is clear, failure to turn it in ON TIME, will be too late - NO EXCEPTIONS! (DEADLINE IS FEB. 24, 2022 3:30PM)