WMS Knight Deitrek Gill is PIONEER LEAGUE CHAMP!

WMS Knight Deitrek Gill is PIONEER LEAGUE CHAMP!

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 07:27
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File Photo - Deitrek Gill

Results are in from 7/8 Pioneer League Golf Tournament in Ark City! Congratulations to Deitrek Gill who finished 1st for the boys with an 81. Great Job Deitrek! PIONEER LEAGUE CHAMP!!

Carson Nugen placed 8th (114), followed by Parker Dodds (118), Caden Lawrence (119), Taylon Ellis (125), and Parker Smith (136),

Augusta 1st (411)
Wellington 2nd (432)
Winfield 3rd (491)
Ark City 4th (518)
Rose Hill 5th (530)

On the girls side (9 holes), Congratulations to Kasiah Richmond who finished 5th with a 67, followed close behind by Elly DeJarnett 67 and 6th. Emma Stover shot a 72 and Lizzie Harriger 76.

Winfield ??? 1st
Augusta 273 2nd
Ark City 278 3rd
Wellington 282 4th
Rose Hill 306 5th

Congratulations again to Deitrek Gill for BRINGING HOME THE GOLD and to Kasiah Richmond, Elly DeJarnett, and Carson Nugen for their TOP 10 finishes! Congrats to Coach Jeff DeJarnett - great season, heck great 4 seasons!! (SEE HERE)

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