We are heartbroken to announce that under the advice of the Summer County Health Department, we will be cancelling
                                                                   graduation on Sunday. A statement from the district is coming soon.

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2020 WHS.CC College Laptop Program

2020 WHS.CC College Laptop Program

Sun, 12/08/2019 - 04:42
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Due to COVID-19, WHS Graduation this year is slated for July 12th @ 2PM in the WHS Main Gym - MORE INFO

This year the program is no longer part of the LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM administered by the WHS Guidance Office. Prior to this year, if you filled out that application, you were also eligible for a laptop through the Crusader Website. (By the way, I appreciate all the assistance the staff in the Guidance Office have lended towards the laptop program over the years - thank you Linda, Sammie, and Carmen!)

This year, a separate application was utilized, that application was available in the WHS Guidance Office. Like last year, "PROOF OF ENROLLMENT" will be required when picking up the laptop this summer, deadline for pickup will more than likely be August 3, 2020. Those planning on attending college or vocational training, were eligible to apply. Last year, we discovered waiting until after school is out, can translate into great savings on laptops as many sales can generally occur at that time. Last year, we saved considerable dollars over previous years for that reason. This year, Chromebooks are in short supply, due to COVID-19 and massive purchases nation-wide by school districts setting up online learning. The deadline to turn in the application was Feb. 3, 2020. 53 applications were received by the deadline. In the event, not enough funding is raised to accommodate all those eligible, a random drawing from the applicants who have produced PROOF OF ENROLLMENT, will take place on Aug. 3, 2020.(Date subject to change based on availability, etc.)

WHS.CC LAPTOP/SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS, anytime throughout the year, can be mailed to:

Steve Sturgis
PO BOX 556
Wellington, KS 67152-0556

Please make CHECKS payable to "Wellington Community Foundation".
On memo line write WHS.CC Laptops/Scholarships.

You can also use PAYPAL - my email "ssturgis@sutv.com" will start the payment process for you on PAYPAL. Once received, entire amount will be transferred to WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION and noted below.

Thank you sincerely to the many folks that contribute towards this cause! The students that participate (and their parents) appreciate it. Sending kids off to college or vocational programs can be very expensive. Providing the laptops helps a little with the overall expense and it's a pleasure for all of us to be able to do that. GO BIG RED!

CLICK HERE for info about last school year's LAPTOP PROGRAM!

OVERALL 2020 GOAL - 53
(based on applications received)

(as of 06.30.20)




**this 2020 "RUNNING TALLY" includes $4,777.46 carry-over from WHS Class of 2019


PO FAM LOTTO CLUB 2020 MEMBERS ($295.00 to date)
(Deadline 01.31.20)

Connie Carson $5 / Lillian Small $5 / Ron Soria $5 / Jason Funderburk $5 / John Funderburk $5 / Angie Ratcliff $5 / Shanna Fairbanks $5 / Gary Hicks $5 / Rick Roitman $5 / Jo Roitman $5 / Betty Zeka $5 / Patrick Zeka $5 / Lisa Gonzales $5 / Pat Fink $5 / Judi Fink $5 / Maggie Fink $5 / Gracie Fink $5 / Austin Fink $5 / Joyce Robinson $5 / Taryn Bulger $5 / Kathy Ledesma $5 / Jay Robinson $5 / Devin Robinson $5 / Brent Washburn $5 / Lisa Thompson $5 / Kenneth Barker $5 / Ranae Barker $5 / Zachary Barker $5 / Todd Barker $5 / Jason Barker $5 / David Troutman $5 / Skylar Troutman $5 / Marvel Allan McLean $5 / Fred McLean $5 / Melissa Geubelle $5 / Mike Geubelle $5 / Terri Cornejo $5 / Peggy Sandell $5 / Mike Sandell $5 / Jeff Sandell $5 / Kristen Johnson $5 / Herb Lamkin $5 / Taylon Lamkin $5 / Rylan Zimmerman $5 / Linda Leggett $5 / Greg Leggett $5 / Laci Leggett $5 / Tara Lockwood $5 / Brenda Wallace $5 / Mike Wilmoth $5 / Terry Coulter $5 / Mary Ann Coulter $5 / Trey Coulter $5 / Christie Crews $5 / Jeff Heersche $5 / Joslyn Heersche $5 / Brad Stocking $5 / Becky Stocking $5 / Marilyn Heffron $5 

Scroll down for

WHS CLASS CONTRIBUTIONS ($1265.00 to date)

Class of 1965: Ron Soria $50

Class of 1955: Fred McLean $50

Class of 1959: Marvel Allan McLean $50

Class of 1967: Brenda & Charles Wallace $200

Class of 1971: Mike & Kristi Horsch $30.00

Class of 1972: Angie Ratcliff $50

Class of 1973: John (Duke) Cochran $50, Jeff & Darla McGovern $100

Class of 1977: Joyce Robinson $75

Class of 1981: Pat Fink $50

Class of 1986: Judi Fink $50

Class of 1991: Travis Heasty $15

Class of 1993: Samantha (Bertrand) Heasty $15

Class of 2004: Brady Norris $200

Class of 2005: Rylan Zimmerman $5, Katie Ford $200

Class of 2015: Maggie Fink $37.50

Class of 2018: Gracie Fink $37.50


Carrie Ybarra, friends & co-workers - $200 in memory of Damoggio Johnson (2017) 

Judi Fink (1986) - $200 in memory of Tim Nance

Melissa Geubelle-Moberg (1974) - $100 in memory of Carley Moberg (1972)

Judy Cole Goodrum (1960) - $250 in memory of Bob Goodrum (1959)


Security State Bank - $300.00

Wellington Health Mart - $200.00

Kansas All-Star Scholarships ((Kansas Star Casino) - $900.00

Theurer Auction Realty - $300.00

El Chile Verde Restaurant - $300.00

MISC. CONTRIBUTIONS ($1,285.00 to date)

$250.00 Wellington Lions Club

$600.00 Anonymous (Mayfield)

$100.00 Rick Roitman (WHS Coach)

$10.00 (Happy Birthday to Patrick Zeka from Betty)

$60.00 (Donated by Peggy Sandell)

$25.00 (Donated by Tammy Bradbury)

$200.00 (Donated by Melissa Pape)

$35.00 (Donated by Hollie Rausch-Cornejo)

$5.00 (Donated by Donna Fauser)



Donate $5 (per person) or send letter (see info below) to the Wellington Community Foundation (write WHS.CC on memo line of check) and mail to Steve Sturgis, PO Box 556, Wellington, KS 67152 by Jan. 31, 2020 and you will be eligible for the following:

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020 (if your dues or letter are in), you are eligible for "2" benefits during the 2020 calendar year...

First, if you click LIKE on the PO FAM LOTTO posts during 2020 and we win the JACKPOT, you'll have an additional $10K added to your prize money just for clicking LIKE!

Second, if you forget to click LIKE on any 2020 Powerball drawing but you're a 2020 PO FAM LOTTO MEMBER, you will still win $10K should we win that particular jackpot!!

You become eligible as a 2020 member for the first 2020 POWERBALL DRAWING on January 1, 2020, (if your dues or letter have arrived) and every POWERBALL DRAWING throughout the 2020 calendar year. Deadline to enter for 2020 memberships is January 31, 2020. You become active and eligible when your dues or letter arrive, preferably, they arrive by the deadline of January 31, 2020.

Mail $5 for each person who wants to be a 2020 PO FAM CLUB member "or" send a letter with "WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION ROCKS" written on a piece of paper (for each person) and receive above noted benefits. For each $5 or letter you mail (address is above to mail to), include a name - if you donate $50, include "10" names, etc. Again, if paying by check, make out to WELLINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. (Write WHS.CC on memo line) All members names will be posted above, so you'll know your $$ or letter have been received and your eligibility is active for 2020.


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